Foreign language activities will start in elementary school from 2020. Are your children ready?

Now is your chance to make sure they are! Join now to get a Head Start on the new English curriculum that will be started in 2020.

Are you looking for a school that keeps you up to date on your child’s progress?

At Head Start you can see your child’s steady progress and see what language he/she is learning. You can even use our materials at home to make sure that the goals he/she sets for himself are being reached!

Are you looking for a complete program that teaches, speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills?

At Head Start we offer classes that work together to make sure that all areas of English are being learned and used.

Are you serious about English education and want serious results?

At Head Start our students pass Eiken!

If you said “Yes” to any of the questions above then, call today to schedule a free trial lesson and level check!

If you are not quite ready yet, read more below to see why Head Start is the best choice for serious students that want to learn to speak, read, write, and use English!

CLASS INFORMATION (Click to expand and read more)

Speaking Class

Students use our original curriculum to learn new vocabulary quickly and effectively. Each student receives a language book and CD. Additional materials are also available. As the student progresses at his/her own pace he/she receives stamps to show his/her progress. Parents, siblings, and friends can all help students study at home. Each topic has vocabulary, grammar, and past, present, future tense practice. The curriculum has instructions in both English and Japanese as well as online videos to help students use the materials effectively. Each topic builds language that makes it possible to quickly create an all English language environment. Students learn how to communicate with the teacher and each other in English to answer and ask questions. In addition, each topic fits together to give students the opportunity to communicate what they think and feel in English.


Students are taught to communicate correctly using verbs in past, present, and future tenses. Students also learn to correctly use pronouns, countable/non-countable nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions. In class, manipulatives, flashcards, activities, and songs are used to make class interesting and impressionable, thus students remember English well.

Reading and Writing Class

Students learn to read letters, the alphabet and phonics Then they learn digraphs, trigraphs, and diphthongs. After, they learn to read by combining their studies with word family study. From word families students learn sight words and common “glue” words. Students learn to spell words and write sentences.


Students learn the alphabet letter names and learn what sounds they make. Students use the phonics for single letters and begin to put them together to make blends. Students then take the blends ability and apply it to word families. Students read the word family words and gain confidence and vocabulary. Next, students learn to read sight words. Sight words are common in English for the “glue” words. Students learn to read them so that students can begin to read stories for understanding and enjoyment. Students put all of the experience to work by reading sentences that connect together to express full ideas. Students will learn to take question structures and answer the question appropriately. Students will learn to express their own thoughts and ideas.

Testing Class

Students learn how to do the test they are preparing for. Tests include: Eiken, Jidou Eiken, JAPEC, JET, and TOEIC. Each test has unique formats and the students are taught how to complete each test. For example, using a bubble sheet or writing letters or drawing lines depending on the test format. Students prepare for the tests by learning the vocabulary, grammar, and materials that commonly occur on each test. Students develop concentration skills and techniques to maximize their ability. We teach students how to efficiently answer each question to maximize their time on the tests. For each skill we teach specific methods.

Listening: Students learn to identify the important information and to quickly remember what has been heard.
Reading: Students learn how to quickly find answers using clues in the text and to avoid common tricks and traps on the tests.
Writing: Students learn how to answer the questions using the correct writing format the tests are checking for.
Speaking: Students learn to answer in the correct form the tests are expecting and to give the information asked for.

Saturday Class

Students study speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills in a five-hour intensive class. Students study different topics and subjects using different methods and materials. Some topics and subjects include- science, grammar, spelling, cooking, shop/craft, reading, writing, oral presentation, testing, gardening, and more. Students are placed into classes based on their English ability.

Mommy and Baby

6-24 month year old students learn with their guardian. Students do songs, dances, activities and learn basic vocabulary. Guardians help the students to move and repeat the necessary English.

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Summer School

Summer School





Winter School

Winter School

Spring School

Spring School

Field Trips

Field Trips



  • Easter
  • BBQ
  • Summer School
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
  • Winter School
  • Spring School
  • Field Trips
  • Homestay

Tuition Fee (Click to expand and read more)

Tuition fee (42 times a year, 1 month tuition fee)

class Number of times time Amount Other
English conversation
Test preparation
Reading & Writing
1 time a week 50 minutes ¥7,650
2 times a week ¥12,750
3 times a week ¥17,500
4 times a week ¥21,500
Parent-child class 1 time a week 40 minutes ¥6,750
Saturday class Every saturday 10:00-15:00
300 minutes
¥28,000 Lunch fee ¥ 300/1 meal (preschooler) ¥ 400/1 meal (elementary school student)
Family discount ¥ 1,000 discount for each additional person
private 1 time a week 50 minutes ¥20,400
Semi-private 1 time a week 50 minutes ¥12,500


There is a program that allows students of any English level and any age to go through Head Start .


The bilingual program is a program where parents and children can learn English together.

English conversation

There are English conversation classes according to each English proficiency. From 2 years old to adults.


A variety of classes for those who have graduated from international schools, returnees and others who...

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Person who applied by March 31, 2017 is half annual fee (5,400 yen) Campaign price only for this year

Brother discount: 1,000 yen off the second person from monthly monthly
expenses (There is no annual fee discount)

Please contact us for more information