Do you want to give the gift of English to your child?
Do you want to make the most difficult school subject the easiest school subject?

Was English your most difficult subject in school?
If so, make sure you child does NOT have the same experience
Did you struggle learning English in school?
If so, your child does NOT have to struggle with English.
Did you hate English growing up?
Your child can Love English!

As an adult, do you wish you could speak English, or better English, or more confidently?
If so, make sure your child doesn’t have the same feelings once he/she grows up.

Your child can easily, and quickly learn to love and enjoy English that will stay with him/her a life time. Your child will never need to study English again! This will essentially eliminate a school subject for your child. Imagine if you had had the same opportunity in school! Your child can use the time that would have been used to study English to master a new skill.

English is becoming more and more important in today’s global world. Japan has realized this and is instituting English in elementary school. However, Japan continues to struggle and fails to teach English well. Japan has a Give the gift of English to your child. When children are young and immersed in a bi-lingual environment they quickly adapt and learn to communicate fluently. Children learn to speak, read, and write in English. Some of our students have moved abroad to English speaking countries and found their reading and writing levels are above their peers in native English-speaking countries! Your child will read and write at a level 1-2 years above his peers in native English-speaking countries!

English is a gift you can give to your child now. Now, in their formative years, your child can learn without difficulty and hardship. While the mind is still young and forming language abilities it is much easier for students to learn a second language.
Someday, your child will thank you for giving them the ability to speak the global language of English.

PRESCHOOL (Click to expand and read more)

Principal’s Message

Hello and welcome to Head Start International Preschool,
I’m Kenny Fritts and I started Head Start International Preschool to give my own children a place to learn English while living in Japan. I wanted my children to speak read, and write English at a native level. But I also wanted my children to have the same wonderful traditional experience of a Japanese nursery school and kindergarten.

I have worked in multiple nursery schools and kindergartens in Japan and I have taken the best of what I’ve seen and introduced those into Head Start. At Head Start, we celebrate and teach traditional Japanese holidays and manners, like Japanese nursery schools and kindergartens. Of course, we have the strongest English program possible that emphasis speaking, reading, and writing.

We focus on all three as all three are necessary to create a truly bi-lingual student for life. I’ve had multiple students pass the Eiken Pre-2 and 3 tests as preschool students. Perhaps more importantly, students continue to pass Eiken tests after graduation. This shows students continue to improve their English ability after graduating preschool.

Students are able to do this because they have mastered English and can continue to study and learn independently at home. Of course, we offer courses and other opportunities for graduates to continue to learn with native speakers and classmates. One of those opportunities is a homestay to America. I’ve taken several trips of my students to America and flight attendants are always asking if the students have lived abroad before? They are always shocked to hear they have never lived out of Japan.

The attendants always congratulate the students on their abilities and thank them for being so well spoken during the flight. The flight attendants are truly thankful that the students speak for themselves in a clear and confident voice allowing for quick service. Speaking English and understanding English is great. But they are nothing without the confidence to use English. Our students have confidence and ability that will last them a lifetime. I look forward to welcoming your child to Head Start and helping him or her become confident using English.

SCHOOL INFORMATION (Click to expand and read more)

We follow the Japanese school year calendar. A school year begins on April 1st and finishes on March 31st the following year.

Classroom Teachers

All classes at Head Start are taught by native-level English teachers. The English teachers lead the classes throughout the year and only use English with the students. The students also only use English with the teachers and with classmates. During lunch and play-time the students continue to only use English when communicating with each other.


Japanese Teachers

Certified Japanese nursery school teachers teach Japanese reading, writing, and culture lessons.
During Japanese lessons, the students use Japanese with the teacher and with classmates.
Japanese teachers also help and assist the native-English teachers when needed. There are always bi-lingual Japanese nursery school teachers present to assist students, parents, and teachers.

Art Lessons

Each week the students have an art lesson taught by an art school graduate. The students use Japanese during the art lesson. The students express their creativity using different media including, painting on canvas, clay sculptures, drawing, and even calligraphy.


Music Lessons

Each week the students have a music lesson taught by a music school graduate. The students use Japanese during the music lesson. The students learn to sing songs well and play different musical instruments including, pianica, castanets, musical bells, and more. Students learn to sing both English and Japanese songs. Students also learn rhythm, timing, dancing and more.

P.E. Lessons

Each week the students have a music lesson taught by a Cosmo Sports Club instructor. The students use Japanese during the P.E. lesson. The students learn different athletic abilities and use apparatus including, vaulting horse, horizontal bar, balance beam and more. Students also learn dances and routines.



The bus currently picks up students in Ichinomiya, Konan, and Inazawa. The A bus services Ichinomiya from 7:30-8:30 in the morning and from 15:00-16:00 in the afternoon. The B bus services Konan and Inazawa from 8:45-9:45 and from 16:15-17:15.


For an extra charge, students may come to school early from 8:30-9:00 or stay after school from 15:00-18:00. During daycare, the students play in English, watch English movies, or do other activities.


After School Classes

Students that want to study a specific goal may join additional classes from 15:00-15:50. For example, Eiken Class, Reading Class, Writing Class, and more taught by an English teacher. In addition, students may join Music Class, Art Class, P.E. Class taught by a Japanese teacher.
(Students may also join Saturday School, 10:00-15:00, daycare 8:30-9:30/15:00-18:00.)


Warm lunches are made and delivered daily to the school. The lunches are prepared by a company that services other preschool’s and have both rice and bread days throughout the week. Allergy specific lunches are also available for students that have food allergies.



Students plant, maintain, and harvest fruits and vegetables in a garden near the school.
Occasionally, students will bring vegetables home that they have grown in the garden.


Students in the Jackrabbit class (5-6 y/o) and Cottontail class (4-5 y/o) swim several times throughout the year in a heated pool. Students learn to swim from swim instructors.



Throughout the year there are a variety of traditional Japanese holidays, including, Start Festival, Sports Festival, Art Festival, Performance Festival, and many more. There are also traditional Western holidays, including, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, and more.

CLASS INFORMATION (Click to expand and read more)

Class Information

We offer four years of study to make sure that students learn English as natively as possible.
The earlier students start to hear, and use English the better their ability will become.

Bunny Class (2 y/o before April 1st of the year joining) 2 classes of 8 students
When students finish the Bunny Class they can understand and execute commands given in English by their teacher. Bunny students have become independent while eating, following routines, changing clothes and are toilet trained. Students can hold a pencil well and can trace letters. Bunny students have learned the alphabet letters and the phonetic sounds they make.

Students can speak and ask questions to friends and teachers in simple sentences and express likes/dislikes and desires. Students exclusively use English during English lesson time and when communicating with friends and teachers. Bunny students are comfortable around non-Japanese nationalities.

Coney Class (3 y/o before April 1st of the year joining) 1 class of 16 students
When students finish the Coney Class they can speak full English sentences and ask questions.
Students can write the alphabet with no help, and can write and spell short words. Coney students can read word families, sound out words using phonics, and read common words.
Students can understand and respond correctly to English heard at native speed. Students are passing Eiken 5.

Cottontail Class (4 y/o before April 1st of the year joining) 1 class of 16 students
When students finish the Cottontail Class they can speak complex English sentences with correct grammar and verb tenses. Students can read and comprehend short stories and answer questions about the stories they’ve read. Students can write short sentences using correct capitalization, punctuation, spelling, and grammar. Students are passing Eiken 4.

Jackrabbit Class (5 y/o before April 1st of the year joining) 1 class of 16 students
When students finish the Jackrabbit Class they can speak, answer and ask complex questions in detail at a near native level pace. Students can speak about a topic and give their opinion and experience about the subject fully in English. Jackrabbit students have internalized English and now think in English and can answer naturally without thinking. Students can write multiple sentences expressing their thoughts, opinion, and feelings. Jackrabbit students can read and comprehend at a high pace and are beginning to read chapter books. Students are passing Eiken Pre-2 and 3.

DAILY SCHEDULE (Click to expand and read more)

Students are greeted and welcomed at the door each morning by an English teacher. Students say good-bye to mommy/daddy. Students then put their shoes away nicely in the shoe box and go to their classroom. Students follow their daily routine by putting their things away nicely and putting their inside shoes on. Students then play with schoolmates and teachers using English.
We have many popular role-playing toys that let students practice their English while playing.
We also have English DVD’s, including, Paw Patrol, Disney movies, Tom and Jerry, and more.
Students clean up nicely before lessons begin.


10:15-10:45---Lesson 1

10:45-11:15---Lesson 2

11:15-11:45---Lesson 3

11:45-11:55---Review of the morning lessons

11:55-12:00---Get ready for lunch

12:00-12:30---Lunch time

12:30-13:00---Play time

13:00-13:30---Lesson 4

11:55-12:00---Get ready for lunch

14:00-14:10---Review of the afternoon lessons

14:10-14:25---Read a storybook

14:25-14:30---Get ready to go home

14:30-15:00---Get picked up

Lessons change daily and weekly, but usually include the schedule above.

YEARLY EVENTS (Click to expand and read more)

We have a full schedule of fun and diverse events for students and parents to enjoy!


Entrance Ceremony- Our first event of the year is to welcome our new students!
Easter Party- Students decorate Easter Eggs, play games, and find Easter Eggs in the park left by the Easter Bunny. After finding eggs filled with candy the students take a picture with the Easter Bunny!
BBQ Party- A fun event for the whole family! We go to a park and eat delicious BBQ and play games and win prizes. If it’s nice and hot we have a water gun fight!


Spring Field Trip- The first field trip of the year is to a park with lots of fun playground equipment! Students enjoy eating their homemade lunch outside with friends and teachers.
Children’s Day- Students make and take-home decorations for Children’s Day in Japanese culture class.
Mother’s Day- Students make and decorate a present to give to mom for Mother’s Day. We love you Mom!!!


Dental Checkup- The kind and gentle dentist comes to check all of the students’ teeth. Students take-home a dental report card. Brush those teeth!
Traffic Safety- Volunteers from the police department come to teach everyone how to safely cross the road. Jackrabbit students kindly help the Bunny students across the pretend crosswalk.

Father’s Day- Students make and decorate a present to take home and give to dad for Father’s Day. We love you Dad!!!
Crawdad Fishing- Jackrabbit and Cottontail students go to a local pond to catch crawdads. Students get to take home the crawdads they catch! But only if mom says it’s ok!


Star Festival- Students celebrate Star Festival by wearing kimono or Yukata while doing Obon dances. Everyone plays lots of fun fames and get many prizes. It’s always a fun evening!
Medical Check- The friendly doctor comes to give students a health check.


Summer School- During Summer Vacation students can keep learning at Summer School! Students can enjoy making crafts, cooking and other fun activities.
Homestay- Students go to America to use their English for two weeks. Students play with American students of the same age while sightseeing and enjoying Summer Vacation.


Fall Field Trip- Students, parents, and teacher all get on big buses and go on a field trip together. It’s always FUN!!!
Grandparents Day- Students make and decorate a present to give to grandparents for Grandparent’s Day. We love you Grandparents!!!
Fire Safety- The fire department comes to talk about fire safety. Students learn what to do in the event of a fire. Students go through a smoke-house that simulates what it’s like during an actual fire!


Sports Festival- Students and parents have fun showing their athletic ability in fun ways! The Cosmo P.E. instructor prepares students for the big event.
Halloween Party- Students and teachers dress-up in costumes and play games and go Trick-or-Treating. Parents are welcome to come and watch!


Art Festival- The art created in Art Class with the art teacher is displayed for everyone to see.
Sweet Potato Harvest- Students harvest the sweet potatoes they planted in May. Students weeded and watered the sweet potatoes in the garden all year and now they get to harvest, take home, and eat their reward!


Christmas Party- Students play games, eat Christmas cake, and of course get a present and picture when Santa visits!!!
Winter School- During Winter Vacation students can keep learning at Winter School! Students can enjoy making crafts, cooking and other fun activities.


Rice Cakes- Students use a giant wooden hammer to pound mochi-rice into delicious rice cakes. Everyone gets to enjoy a bite of rice cake and take come home for later!
Medical Check- The friendly doctor comes again to make sure everyone is still healthy and fit.


Performance Festival- Students have been practicing all year with the music teacher and now are ready to put on a musical performance! The also show their dance and theatric skills.
Doll Festival- Students make and take-home decorations for Doll Festival in Japanese culture class.
End of Winter Celebration- Ogres invade Head Start! Students chase the ogres away by throwing soybeans at the ogres and tell them to Go Away!


Jackrabbit Field Trip- This is the last field trip for the Jackrabbit class. The Jackrabbit class has been together for four quick years and have become great friends. As they prepare to go to elementary school, they make one last preschool memory together.
Graduation- The Jackrabbit class receives their diploma and farewells from teachers. Luckily, we still get to see each other in Advanced Classes and homestays! Students also receive a yearbook of their four-year journey at Head Start.

Spring School- During Spring Vacation students can keep learning at Spring School! Students can enjoy making crafts, cooking and other fun activities.

TUITION (Click to expand and read more)


Yearly Fee Curriculum Fee Bunny Class Monthly Fee Coney Class Monthly Fee Cottontail Class Monthly Fee Jackrabbit Class Monthly Fee Daily Lunch Fee Discount for siblings
(Due in April)

(Due in April)

¥58,000 ¥67,000 ¥67,000 ¥67,000 ¥300 ¥3,000

(For the 2nd and 3rd siblings)

Coney, Cottontail, and Jackrabbit children are eligible for subsidies up to ¥37,000/month. In order to receive it, an approval of necessity of childcare from the local municipal office is required. For Bunny class children, a subsidy of ¥42,000/month is available along with the approval of necessity of childcare AND a proof of the household being qualified for residential tax-exempt. Please contact a local municipal office for more information.

Other Fee (Click to expand and read more)


Morning only-¥ 3,600
Afternoon only-¥ 3,600
Morning and Afternoon-¥ 7,200
Discount for sibling rider, 2nd rider-¥ 3,600/month, 3rd rider-Free





¥ 250/every 15 minutes


After Class


¥ 3,600 / 1 class (monthly fee)


Please contact us for more information