Seika Lesson

Our native teachers teach at nursery schools and preschools. We teach all ages including mommy and baby classes. We use fun entertaining lessons that include songs, dances, picture books, games picture show, crafts, and more. We help plan and participate in Japanese events such as sports festival and performance festival, and Western events including Halloween and Christmas. Contact us to schedule a free trial lesson and to receive more information.

Kagai Lesson

Our native English teachers teach English lessons at nursery schools and preschools after school finishes. We teach students from nen-sho to elementary school 6th grade. Our lessons teach students to speak, read, and write English. Contact us to receive a free trial lesson and to receive more information.

Assistant Language Teacher

Our native English teachers teach at high school and Eikaiwa’s run by non-native English speakers. We prepare students for STEP Eiken test and provide native English speakers for speaking test practice. Our teachers also assist non-native English speakers with their lessons. Contact us to schedule a face-to-face consultation.

Training and Consulting

We provide teacher training for International Preschools and Eikaiwas. Our experienced staff can help you with teaching techniques, classroom management, curriculum development, event preparation, and more. We also provide consulting for management, curriculum, homestays, testing, and marketing. Contact us to schedule face-to-face consultation.

Please contact us for more information